Sales Leadership System

Mention sales systems and one typically thinks of IT, CRM and/or processes. Mention sales leadership and one may think of strong, effective salesmanship and/or heroic management overseeing the sales troops much like a military general. In truth, great sales leadership can be successfully systematized beyond technology and personality.

In more and more organizations, the need for an effective Sales Leadership System is clear if not obvious. It is possible and desirable to have a process-driven sales management structure that runs with machine-like efficiency and as effectively as the most well-designed technology system.

There are 4 key requirements associated with an effective sales leadership system:

  1. Sales Process Redefinition – over-hauled, clarified and aligned with Sales and Marketing, no lip service any more
  2. Sales Strategy Reinforcement – clarified customer targets, audiences, messaging, playbooks and gameplans
  3. Sales Metrics Discipline – consistent visibility and measurement metrics, reliable, streamlined pipeline/forecast management
  4. Sales Review Cadence – acceptable and sustainable pace and form of rep/team reviews, coaching, planning per month or quarter.

Not easy or quick to roll out. These take time, care and experience to institutionalize a best-practice sales leadership system. Tough to do if your driving Sales, Marketing or the whole company. It’s like orchestrating a complex symphony while you’re playing first chair violin. Let’s discuss your 2011 plans.

How’s your sales leadership system?