3 Major Keys to Sales Organizational Effectiveness

I recently trained a Confectionery Company’s national sales team. I also recently trained a well-known Winery’s national sales team. Plus I recently trained a high-growth Enterprise Software Company’s international sales team. Also I recently trained an Industrial Equipment Company’s national sales team.

Same issues, same challenges, same fix.

Ok, slight variations on the fix, but the fundamentals were the same. Here are the 3 major keys we focused on:

  1. Sales Process – whether selling direct with Account Executives, Account Manager, Inside Sales, Sales Development or Business Development Reps, or indirect through Brokers, Distributors, Channel Partners, or Rep Firms, most companies in all industries need their selling motions refined, aligned, and then hammered into the minds of the sales team.
  2. Sales Messaging – organizations of all sizes invariably have to resolve a content and skill disconnect between what messages Marketing and Product Marketing produces and what is actually communicated at the street-level to prospects and customers by the sales team or sales channel.
  3. Sales Discipline – how salespeople and sales management teams structure, define, compensate, prioritize, attack, track and manage their accounts, territories, opportunities, leads, prospects, time, pipelines, forecasts, reviews, meetings, and reports, are the variable ingredients for big sales hits and misses.

The good news is these sales organization issues can be identified, evaluated, redesigned and developed alongside a company’s best producers and leaders so as to truly optimize best sales practices. We then lock it down in an accessible custom Sales Playbook or optionally in an interactive PlaybooxTM right in their CRM system and Learning Management System. Then we delivery the company’s New Way wrapped in dynamic and motivational Sales Training and ongoing Coaching Support.

The result is a reinvigorated sales organization. In fact, a revitalized and effective Sales Machine.