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Designed to optimize your sales organization

Sales Consulting / Advisory

Engage us for diligence, team assessment, or advisory consulting for a short or long term. Perhaps for a specific sales effectiveness issue, a structural revamp, new product sales initiative, or simply to speak to a knowledgeable, experienced, and sympathetic sales coach. Whether you’ve got a handful, dozens, or hundreds of salespeople, let’s talk.

  • Sales Organization Due Diligence
  • Sales Rep/Management Assessment
  • Sales Hiring Assessment
  • Sales Process Consulting
  • Sales Messaging Tools Development
  • Sales Management Coaching / Consulting


Sales Playbooks / Automation

Playbooks are often under or over-done. What’s needed is excellent content designed to bring clarity and impact to Sales Process, Messaging, and appropriate Sales Tools that reps will really use. Right content needs to be synced with Marketing Systems or ideally optimized as a practical Guided Selling and Coaching System integrated right in your CRM. Let’s talk about a plan to get you there.

  • Sales Playbook Development or Updating
  • Inside/Outside Sales Playbook
  • Large Accounts/Partner Sales Playbook
  • Sales Management Playbook
  • PlaybooxTM Guided Selling System


Sales Coaching / Training

Training is a dynamic combination of customized and wise application of right and effective sales practices for any given sales organization. While great fundamentals never go out of style, off-the-shelf old school methods do not achieve the behavioral change and impact needed today. Our live training uses brief modules, customized examples, fun and helpful interactive practice, and a sustainable internal follow-up program that really advances the skill sets and competencies of sales teams. Let’s talk about your short and long term training plans.


Sales Process

Diagnose, revamp, streamline, and optimize your selling engagement process.

Sales Messaging

Equip your team with practical and flexible tools for compelling sales messaging.

Sales Discipline

Drive your team to renewed sales execution excellence with personal motivation and discipline.

Sales Leadership

Align and design your “sales management system” with consistent quality and real leadership impact.

MXL’s PROCESS Sales Tools

Identifying, Prioritizing, Managing Accounts and Opportunities

  • Account Prioritization MatrixTool
  • 360o Account SnapshotTool
  • Opportunity PlanTool
  • Strategic Account PlanTool
Maximizing, Monitoring Time, Discipline, and Selling Activities

  • PAR TimeTool
  • 10-5-2-DoTool
  • Activity MetricsTool
  • Sales Success ModelTool
Managing the Pipeline, Forecast, and Operations

  • Funnel/Pipeline MetricsTool
  • 30-60-90 Pipeline/ForecastTool
  • Sales Rep ScorecardTool
  • Sales AssessmentTool
Managing the Sales and Marketing Message

  • Sales Value PropositionTool
  • 20-40 Second SpeechTool
  • Sales Positioning StatementTool
  • Executive Whiteboard ConversationTool
Executing and Delivering the Effective Sales Call/Meeting

  • Sales Call BoxTool
  • Probe MasterTool
  • Problem ChartTool
  • Conversation GuideTool
  • Competitive BattlecardTool
Managing and Controlling the Sales Process/Buying Cycle

  • Sales Process MasterTool
  • Qualification ScorecardTool
  • Player ChartTool
  • Decision PlanTool
  • Close/Negotiation MasterTool
Advanced Skills for Sales and Management

  • Sales NegotiationsTraining
  • Large Account SellingTraining
  • New Business DevelopmentTraining
  • Channel Partner DevelopmentTraining
  • Strategic Sales ManagementTraining

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