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No Excuses! A Better Way to Sell

Coming Soon in 2022!

No Excuses!
A Better Way to Sell

The ultimate sales book that captures years of practical sales training and coaching principles and practices honed with high-producing companies around the world. Michael Griego addresses all the key topics with great practical examples just as he’s done with hundreds of companies and thousands of salespeople.

No, there really are no excuses – not anymore. Read on and find, or rediscover, a better way to sell!

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Michael Griego

Is president and founder of MXL Partners, a Silicon Valley based firm that provides enterprise sales training, consulting, and sales management coaching for companies around the globe. After a successful sales and management career in high tech, for the past 20 years Michael has been an award-winning, internationally recognized sales trainer and sales process consultant for companies of all sizes across all industries and is known for his practical and proven approach.

Michael has a degree from Occidental College and an MBA from Stanford University. He and his wife of 42 years reside in northern California and have 3 adult married children and 10 active grandchildren.

Why the Book?

Sales never goes out of style, but the style has changed dramatically over the years. While Michael captured the key fundamentals of great selling a decade ago with his popular book 42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness (Super Star Press), he believes it’s high time to do a reset on the keys to better selling that he’s gleaned from even more years of hands-on experience and close observation of world class sales effectiveness.

Keeping it real and straight-forward, this book will drill down into to the deeper essence of the following:

  • Better Sales Methodology – Sales Methods, Hybrids and Challenges
  • Better Sales Process – the Roadmap to Sales Effectiveness
  • Better Sales Qualification – a Discipline and Process, Not a Stage
  • Better Sales Discovery – a Framework for Sales Communications
  • Better Territory Management – Optimizing Focus and Priorities
  • Better Sales Messaging – What You Say and How You Say It
  • Better Executive Conversations – Selling to Business Outcomes
  • Better Sales Closing – the Art and Science of Sales
  • Better Sales Forecasting – Will It Happen and Will You Win
  • Better Sales Planning – Right Planning Makes Perfect
  • Better Sales Activity – You Are What You Do
  • Better Salespeople – There Really Are Two Types of People

Each of these chapters will provide a proven approach and framework grounded in best-practice enterprise selling. The foundations, tactics and strategies presented here will show real-life practical applications that can be applied to any professional sales environment and viewed in the context of real challenges, issues, and problems salespeople face every day in the sales arena.

How we approach each challenge, mentally and practically, makes all the difference between sales success and failure

Who Should Read This Book?

Regardless of where one is on the career spectrum, you can’t help but come away better after reading this comprehensive sales book filled with practical wisdom nuggets and helpful frameworks and templates.

Here’s who can benefit:

  • Any salesperson just starting out their career
  • Any young salespeople in Inside Sales or Outside Sales roles seeking clarified training
  • Any seasoned sales professional looking to reset, brush-up, or learn new tools (even the reapplication of old tools for a new sales era)
  • Any sales manager or leader of a sales organization who want to drive excellence across their team
  • Any senior executive (CEO, CFO, CMO, CRO, COO, or Investor) who wants to stay current and understand all things Sales in the modern era

All will benefit and find nuggets here to advance their knowledge and understanding.

But beyond a modern view of great fundamental enterprise sales practices, nothing replaces a strong mental mindset in driving great business success and impact. That’s what this book is about.

No, there really are no excuses. Not anymore.

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