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Success Stories

Success Stories

What we do for our customers in different industries with different sales problems.
““MXL helped us develop a powerful and relevant sales playbook that has really improved the effectiveness of our entire selling team.” We can clearly articulate our overall value to our clients through use case templates, whiteboard tools and advanced executive conversations which they helped develop.”
Dan Blucher, VP Sales, Censis, Inc.

Technology Enterprise Sales

Large Accounts

A high-growth Saas-based software company saw inconsistent key account opportunities management across its enterprise sales team. It was impacting their closing rate. The CRO wanted to drive effective standards for every deal considered to be a key account opportunity.

MXL Partners worked with the sales leadership team, sales operations, and top producing salespeople to hone and refine the Top 10 Sales Standards for large deals. MXL developed a Key Account Sales Playbook launched across the global sales team.

The company saw improved discipline, effectiveness, and quality in the management of key account sales cycles and a significant improvement in their large deal close rate.

New Products

A successful enterprise financial services/solutions company had recently acquired a new product line and was finding its senior sales team struggling to sell it. They wanted to revamp their sales pitch to convey a bigger story that included the entire expanded product line solution.

MXL Partners worked with sales, marketing, and product management, as well as top-producing salespeople to develop a new Sales Playbook and cross-train the sales team in revised sales messaging and positioning while also improving the sales team’s customer engagement process, including qualification criteria and discovery processes for differing customers and prospects.

The comprehensive Sales Playbook and Training program was rolled out to the national team to great effect.

Sales Training

A Fortune 500 technology company wanted world-class sales training for successful onboarding of global new hire salespeople and systems engineers. They had training curriculum that need upgrading and sought engaging sales trainers to help develop and deliver content for the fast-growing program.

MXL Partners was engaged to help improve their evolving sales methodology and deliver effective sales training to their growing US sales team. Training topics have ranged from sales process, sales questioning and discovery, selling value, negotiation skills, sales time management, partner engagement, sales communications, etc.

For several years now MXL has consistently received top reviews and ratings for sales training delivery and team engagement.

Professional Services

A fast growing IT services company selling custom IT solutions was seeking a motivating and relevant Sales Training Kickoff session for its very seasoned sales team. They needed quick customized training aligned with their selling processes, tools, and practices.

MXL Partners digested their sales environment within the client’s aggressive time-frame, developed and delivered a highly practical and stimulating training session to their international team.

The company is considering additional training and a customized Sales Playbook.

Industrial Sales

Channel Sales

A private-equity company was seeking to confirm, document and align the sales processes for one of their portfolio companies. They anticipated selling the company over the next 12 months. They needed a strong final year in sales as well. The portfolio company sold industrial products to contractors through sales rep firms, wholesale distribution, and to consumers directly through major retailers.

MXL Partners created a Sales Channel Playbook that enabled the sales team to more effectively communicate the company’s sales message and drive compelling differentiation to all sales channels, including a sales whiteboard story that the reps were trained on to better position their solution in the marketplace to channel partners.

The company was successful sold the following year and experienced 22% growth in sales revenue growth.

Changing Sales Structure

A privately-held, family-owned manufacturing company selling custom commercial tents, covers and awnings wanted to revitalize its sales organization and position for growth and market expansion. Their internal structure had morphed over their 100+ year history into a less than efficient sales machine. They wanted help with upgrading their professional sales practices as well as reorganizing their sales organization.

MXL Partners developed a customized Sales Playbook and Sales Training that revamped their selling processes, sales tools and approaches. Additionally, MXL facilitated an executive-level strategy session to review and reconfigure an optimized sales organizational structure.

The company experienced its best quarter after the training launch and is implementing new quarterly procedures in forecasting and territory reviews that is paying dividends in renewed focus, professionalism and discipline.

Consumer Package Goods

Distributors and Key Accounts

A high-end consumer package company selling consumer products through regional and national distributors as well as direct to major retailers needed to scale its sales organization. With professional hires coming on board quickly, the company wanted to standardize how the national regions developed and drove sales through its 3 major national regions.

MXL Partners worked with the new executive team and Regional Sales VPs to confirm and optimize clarity in sales roles and responsibilities, selling activities, as well as managing the distinct selling processes for assessing new distributors and growing sales in key retailer accounts.

The resulting Sales Playbook and Sales Training was successfully launched at their 2nd-Half Sales Kickoff event.

3-Tier Distribution

A long-standing alcohol beverage producer was seeking to further drive sales effectiveness and professionalize its national sales organization selling through distribution and key retailer and chain restaurants. The firm wanted to maintain its culture while driving new levels of sales excellence, consistency, and execution.

MXL Partners assessed the sales team and collaboratively developed a customized Sales Playbook while collaborating with Sales Management, Marketing, and key sales producers. The custom Playbook highlights sales processes for distributors and key account management. It also includes product portfolio messaging and positioning tools designed to help the team better differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

The Sales Playbook and Sales Training was successfully launched in two sessions conducted for the national team.

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