More Research or More Sales Calls?

It’s an age old question: Do I spend more time researching companies before I call them or do I make more “cold” phone calls? This topic is too much debated. It’s a qualified no-brainer. You want to make more calls. Let me explain.

If you make 10 calls in a 2-hour period because you’re studying lead prospects’ web sites, social media sites and rooting around your CRM, and I make 30 calls in the same 2-hour period, all things being equal, I’m going to outsell you. Over a period of weeks, months and year, I will cover more ground in the territory, uncover more opportunities and drive more revenue.

Now I didn’t say zero research or no entries in the CRM. It’s about intelligent balance. Here’s the trick – 3 keys that will separate Producers from Meanderers:

1. Know Your Targets – if I know my vertical or target audience, then I can do cursor research, i.e., quick specific info checks on web sites or other sales intelligence resources.
2. Know Your Pitch – if I know what I’m going to say then I have No Fear and will boldly make great quality calls and leave great quality messages all day long.
3. Know Your Metrics – if I know my cadence metrics and results then I will confidently and systematically work the numbers game.
4. Batch Your Updates – if I keep my calling notes separately on a spreadsheet as I make my calls I can update the CRM appropriately at the end of day or night without losing my calling rhythm.

These keys result in Focus, Confidence, Accountability and Speed. You don’t need a manager to guide you; you can manage yourself. I will gladly take a team full of smart focused, confident, productive self-managers any day over a team of over-organized, plodding, CRM perfectionists.

Are you or your team really as productive as can be?