Prospecting 2.0 – Why and How

The sales blogs are all abuzz with talk about the current status of sales prospecting and cold-calling. Let not your heart be troubled. Even with the onslaught of new sales tools and technologies (Web2.0/Sales2.0), the reports of the death of prospecting and cold-calling are greatly exaggerated.

For salespeople perhaps that is reason to be troubled. In the sales arena, it is well established that cold-calling and prospecting are the least favorite of selling activities. But for good reason these actions will never really go out of style. Yes, the calls can (and should) be warmer with appropriate and calculated multiple touch-points, and the contacts can (and should) be better targeted and pin-pointed. But what else is new?

We see this paralleled in sports. For instance, baseball and golf equipment today allow for better play and higher performance, but the game still needs to be played. Good practice, coaching and skill-building produces wins, records and championships.

No, prospecting and cold-calling will not soon go away. They are simply fundamentals in sales that are evolving and can be optimized for the modern era. Accept it and get comfortable with it. Be the ball.