Year-End Selling

If you don’t have it forecasted by now, then it’s not going to materialize and close in the next few weeks. The writing’s on the wall, so to speak, when it comes to finalizing deals and closing out the year. Right?

Yes, probably. But don’t give up yet. Not everyone’s finished buying before the calendar year end. And even if they are, the 2014 fast start opportunity sits right before you.

Here are 3 Year-End Selling Keys to consider as you dive into the final weeks:

1. Never Say Never, Until it’s Done – This applies to deals you’re closing as well as deals barely alive for the month. Never underestimate competition’s tactics late in December. A deal’s done when the agreement is signed and booked. Likewise, pull out all the stops when you’re working to close. It’s the 9th inning, the 2-minute Drill, the Final Drive – pick your analogy. Don’t stop until large ladies start singing.

2. Get Yourself Set-Up for January – For those companies not closing out a fiscal year, recognize that it is year-end for most of your customers and partners. Show respect for their time and proactive set up meetings “after the Holidays” and get on their early January calendars. Either way it gets you a Fast Start in January whether it a new year or mid-quarter.

3. Serve Your Customer and Partners – Leverage the holiday season and think of helping/serving your customers and partners. Where you can, help them get done what they need to get done. Do an extra reach out during these weeks and seek to connect on a more personal level. Be sincere. It’s not all about business. Extending some humanity is actually good business by good people.

Have a strong close for the month and a Merry Christmas!