The Art and Science of Great Salesmanship

We see a lot of salespeople who are seasoned and experienced in sales and account management. Likewise we see a new generation of reps who, by all appearances, have the competencies to sell and produce numbers.

So what’s the problem?

None, really. Nevertheless it’s still an 80-20 world where the top 20% stand out like beacons in a dark night. While selling competencies are increasing across sales organizations, the differences between the “cream of crop” and the masses are still stark and a mystery to many.

It shouldn’t be. Top producers are still smarter, work harder, more knowledgeable, more systematic, and practice their trade with an artist’s touch and natural style aligned with their true self and personality.

No surprises. No magic. Simply a comfortable balance of salesmanship that we’ve always seen as the intersection of art and science. Some things never change or go out of style.