Selling Thanksgiving

Something about this time and season for salespeople. The end of the calendar year is in sight yet there’s still time for sales hope and a strong finish. And while your favorite sports team may be peaking or fading, family and friends are coming together in great anticipation. And Christmas is just around the corner.

What’s there not to like and enjoy?

No matter where your sales bookings stand Quarter-to-Date or Year-to-Date, take a needed break. If only for Thursday (go ahead and take off Friday too), it’s alright to take a breather and come back strong next week.

Allow yourself to celebrate this Thanksgiving. Give thanks. Try to minimize work time over the long weekend. Play with the kids, take a walk with your spouse or family members. Relax a bit. Whether it’s been a tough year or a great year, count your blessings. You’ve survived thus far and will ‘Live to Sell Another Day’ (Rule #27).

It’ll all be there on Monday. With a full week left in November and the challenging sales month of December looming, there’s still time for the final charge. Whether the number’s in the bag or it’s coming down to the wire, go at it hard and with abandon. No looking back, there are no excuses.

It’s just another year. May you be growing and developing beyond your selling prowess, keeping a healthy and balanced perspective on your business, family and life throughout this holiday season.

Have a great Thanksgiving.