Thanksgiving, Ready, Break

It’s that time of year when the holidays inject themselves into a busy selling season. It can slow down momentum or actually help your sales cause.

This is a down week. Everyone is taking a breather if not a full week off to spend time with family and celebrate Thanksgiving. I always loved this time of year personally and particularly in my sales career.

As a sales rep, then a Sales Manager, and even as a VP of Sales, I always welcomed the short week, Thanksgiving Day, even the Lions and Cowboys on TV, the Friday quasi-day-off, and then the weekend. By the following Monday I was refreshed, rebalanced, and ready for the sprint to the end of calendar year.

But it wasn’t all fun and relaxation during Thanksgiving week. I always used the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (and some of Friday when my wife wasn’t looking) to recalibrate and plan for a big December finish.

Here are 4 suggestions for a productive Thanksgiving Week:

1. Review Your Quarterly Plan – You had a great plan at the beginning of the quarter. Check in with it and confirm there’s nothing that’s been forgotten or missed. Now’s the time to pause, review and reset your strategy if appropriate for a final push to year end.

2. Reprint Your Pipeline Report – Yes, print it out. There’s something about the visual inspection of a prioritized list of Pipeline/Forecast Opportunities you’ve been working and counting on for December. It’ll be very clear what you have to do come Monday.

3. Clean Your Desk – Seriously. It’s time to take a break and literally clear it out and prepare for the big push. Remember that saying: a clear desk reflects a clear mind? Don’t believe it. I’m pretty clear-headed with a cluttered desk. However, I do use Thanksgiving break to clear the decks and get reordered. Can’t hurt.

4. Turn it Off for Your Family – With all that being said, it’s really OK to let it go for a few days and relax with the spouse, kiddos, and your Uncle Charlie. Count your blessings, have a life and enjoy the best time of the year.

Ready for the Thanksgiving break?