Sales Training Investment?

In the past year there was a 13% increase in the average annual investment per salesperson. So says the CSO Insights research study – 2013 Sales Performance Optimization Sales Process Analysis report.

The report notes the impact that personal development can have on sales performance and sales rep loyalty. From MXL’s perspective, it is positive to see companies investing in their sales teams.

This study shows that how budgets are allocated is key to increasing sales success. It is important to shift funds from product and feature selling skills training to advanced sales messaging skills applying knowledge and education on the customer’s challenges and purchase justification. Today that’s how companies are seeing the best ROI.

Bottom line: sales training is not going out of style. It’s not so much a focus away from product training as it is a new focus on business relevance and application training.

Whether you call it Challenger Selling, Insight Selling, Solution Selling, Provocative Selling, or Whatever Selling – they’re all variations on the same theme. It’s what we do. At MXL we teach, coach and develop salespeople, managers and sales organizations to communicate value to their prospects and customers in relevant business terms in line with the issues and problems they understand and can solve.

Spending wisely on Sales Training?