Sales Effectiveness or Pipe Dream?

In the 2012 Sales Performance Optimization Study conducted by CSO Insights, there is the identification of the Top Sales Effectiveness Initiatives for 2012.

The Top 5 are:
1. Revising/enhancing our lead generation programs
2. Revising our sales process
3. Improving sales rep access to information
4. Analyzing our customer’s buying process
5. Enhancing sales team communications

Sad to say, there is nothing very compelling about this list. In fact, this is quite similar to the top list every year. Pause and consider the implications.

Many companies chase after desired sales and marketing organizational improvements without much more than that desire to improve or up-level the team. This is noble and good, however, successful attainment of these lofty targets requires:

• Honest baseline assessment
• Realistic end-target goals
• Specific milestones and objectives
• A documented project plan
• Sustaining measurement and follow-up

There are too many critical moving parts in a modern sales organization. Seeking effectiveness without a prioritized, practical course of action is a recipe for wasted time and effort. Having more leads without a clear and purposeful sales process or an effectively engaging sales team is not going to hit the mark. It’s a pipe dream.

Got a plan or a pipe dream?