Territory Planning – Purpose and Process

Surprisingly enough, most companies do not have or require a formal Territory Planning Review. What mostly exists is a regular but informal review of a sales rep’s Pipeline/ Forecast either weekly, monthly or quarterly.

These are very different vehicles for the rep and for sales management. They should stay distinct.

The ideal Territory Plan is less than 12 slides in PowerPoint or tabs in spreadsheet. While data may or may not be extracted from a company’s CRM, the key is that purposeful information is compiled in a regular format on a regular timetable (quarterly is most common). Reviewed with management and other key players (yes, Marketing), this sharing of high level perspective, strategies, issues, competitors and plans brings invaluable corporate insight and visibility across the organization.

While similar topics may be raised in a weekly Opportunity Pipeline/Forecast review, there is goodness that comes out of a disciplined approach to salesperson’s territory review. Keep it simple, clean and regular – reps and managers will grow to appreciate it.

How’s your Territory Planning Process?