Personal Responsibility in the Sales Arena

A wise man taught me years ago: “There are 2 types of people in this world, those that make excuses and those that find a way.” I’ve applied this simple principle throughout my professional career as I encountered problems, challenges and issues.

Certainly today we all face problems and challenges. There will always be problems with customers, products, management and markets. Nobody’s perfect – even amongst the best run companies. But many people will fold and make excuses. The best of the best find a way through them.

I particularly emphasize this same principle today in my sales training workshops. While salespeople and teams are facing their own problems and giants, it’s about personal responsibility. Even if it’s not your fault but it’s in your way, find a way to work through or around it. No excuses. It’s always encouraging to see lights go on and people step up.

Are you finding a way?