42 Sales Rules, Foreword by Mark Leslie

“I first met Mike Griego in 2005 in a Palo Alto café. Having retired as CEO and Chairman of the Board at Veritas Software, I was teaching courses on Entrepreneurship and Sales Organization at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Mike, as president/founder of a MXL Partners, a Silicon Valley sales process consulting and training firm, and Stanford MBA alumni himself, had contacted me and requested a meeting to simply meet and compare notes. We had a delightful first meeting and discussed a draft article I was writing on “The Sales Learning Curve” which was later published in the Harvard Business Review in the summer issue of 2006. Mike agreed to review it for me and confirm its conclusions. It was refreshing to discuss the complexities of structuring and managing the modern enterprise sales organization with someone so well versed in all aspects of the world of sales…”

“Mike’s new book, 42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness, is a powerful and quick read for all parties involved in driving sales revenue, from the executive team to the sales and marketing organization. He has well captured the keys to increasing sales effectiveness with a crisp, practical and highly readable book…”

“I heartily recommend you pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, read this book and be ready to re-confirm and even re-think your views of sales and sales effectiveness.”

– Mark Leslie, Founder of Veritas Software

Mark Leslie is the Founder of Veritas Software (now Symantec) and served as CEO and Chairman of the Board. During his tenure he grew annual revenues from $95,000 to $1.5Billion. He is currently the managing director of Leslie Ventures, a private investment firm. He is also a lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business where he teaches courses in Entrepreneurship and Sales Organization.