Pull Off a Sales Blitz

Another quarter down as we move into summertime. Time to regenerate the team and shake up the marketplace. Rally around a win, a new product announcement, a white paper, a little positive PR. It’s a good enough excuse to orchestrate a Sales Blitz – that tried and true cold calling campaign where all appropriate hands on deck get on the phone and call away.

It never fails to amaze me that these events generate what they do. From outright leads and appointments, to fresh market insights and input on resonating messaging, scripts, targets, database quality, not to mention boosting team morale and old-fashion fun and games. Teams should be doing these once a quarter, if not once a month.

Just pulled off another one for a client this past month and yielded big fun, success, and new viable lead generation. Jump-started the Inside team and kick-started the Outside team with new opportunities and revealing possibilities. Paid out nominal cash prizes in a 1/2 day event that had the team buzzing. Well worth the effort.

Got a Sales Blitz in your plans?