New Month, New Quarter, New Resolve

It’s that time again. Another month, another quarter start, another second half of the year, in some cases a final close of the fiscal year. It’s either going well, going ‘okay’ or you’re struggling. Or you’re starting with a new clean slate – at least you might look at it that way.

A new start with a new resolve.

In sales it only takes a deal or two to get a fire going. Or does it? Does selling momentum change like shifting winds of chance in a ballgame? Unfortunately not. In sales it’s not luck, it’s work. It’s activity, it’s competence, it’s knowledge, it’s coordination, it’s follow-up, it’s fearlessness, it’s diligence, it’s homework, it’s teamwork, it’s quality, it’s strength, it’s excellence, it’s skill, it’s resolve.

These “soft” elements are actually what’s hard about sales.

What About Product?
Much focus is on your products. Of course product matters, but inferior products are often part of won deals. Infrastructure matters too, but CRMs, sales enablement tools, mobile apps, Bluesheets, territory plans, qualification checklists, forecast reports and process documents will not bring in the deal. They support, they equip, they shed light and bring clarity. But ultimately it’s on the salesperson to put it all together, to manage the game and produce the win.

So You Want a Second Chance?
Get on it. There’s time to recover. It’s in your head and in your next steps. You must have the goods or you wouldn’t have even been given the job. Regardless of the territory, the economy, the competition, the whatever, go make a call and get something started.

After all, it’s a new month, a new quarter, a new resolve.

How’s your mindset?