Developing a Sales Mentality

Some say that salespeople should be hungry, aggressive and always closing. This sounds fair and reasonable, if not somewhat cliche. I maintain it is something more than just assertive actions. It’s a sales mentality – actually an attitude and mindset that can be developed and honed.

So what exactly is a sales mentality? It can be reduced to 3 key elements of perspective, discipline and prowess:

  1. A Balanced Sales Perspective – a healthy view of self, product and customer 
  2. A Strict Personal Discipline – a daily regimen of managed time, inputs and prioritized activities
  3. A Hunting-Farmer Prowess – a new business and account growth sales skill and mindset

With a strong sales mentality, a salesperson is well-reasoned, self-managed, and multi-faceted. Can a person or team be trained in this? You bet.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an entire sales organization like this?