Universal Sales Management

When surveyed by CSO Insights (2012 Key Trends Analysis Report) to share their Top 3 goals for their sales organizations in 2012, the top vote getters listed by sales managers were:

– Increase Revenue (60%)
– Win New Accounts (56%)
– Increase Sales Effective-ness (47%)
– Optimize Lead Generation (28%)
– Improve Up-Selling/Cross Selling (27%)

No real surprise here. It is, after all, all about revenue. Firms need to sell well, add new accounts, increase leads and upsell existing customers.

There are 3 universal keys to getting these done across sales organizations:

1. Prioritize – that is, stratify everything. Too much territory, accounts, contacts, etc. Zero in on Top 5, 10, 20, 50.
2. Focus – then direct the guns toward these top prioritized targets. No distracting the job at hand.
3. Question – now prompt the rep and yourself to redirect or consider new ideas and alternative perspectives to drive results.

Bold leaders around the globe drive focus and unabashed review of the right things that bring success.