Top 3 Sales Priorities in 2013 vs 2012

When Chief Sales Officers were interviewed and asked in 2011 what their top sales priorities were for the coming 2012 year, across the globe they said:

1. Increase Sales Effectiveness (56%)
2. Increase Revenues (52%)
3. Improve Up-Selling/Cross-Selling (38%)

When interviewed in 2012 for the upcoming 2013 year, CSO Insights research reveals a potentially different emphasis, or a clarified focus:

1. Capture New Accounts (65%)
2. Increase Sales Effectiveness (52%)
3. Increase Existing Account Penetration (36%)

It appears that driving new business in New Accounts is back in vogue. Improving Sales Effectiveness will always rate high – so much to work with (executing selling process/methodology, assessing and developing salespeople, adopting the right tools and technology mix). Growing existing accounts (Account Penetration) and deal sizes (Up-Selling/Cross-Selling) are variations on the theme to Increase Revenues.

No real surprises here. Seems like a settling back down into sales normalcy.