Strategy is Great but Execution is Everything

We have a saying: “Strategy is great, but execution is everything.” Now think about that. We all know companies with great products that have failed. It’s often a breakdown at some level of execution: people and process.

In the sales world, it’s still people (activity, applied skills and knowledge, messaging, management) and process (selling, engaging, growing, supporting, forecasting, managing, etc.)

Keeping it Simple
We’ve learned to focus on the keys to individual and corporate sales success:

1. What You Sell – Value…Differentiation…Positioning
2. Who Sells It – Channels…Activity…Mindsets
3. Who You Sell – Territory…Targets…Audience
4. How You Sell – Messaging…Execution…Strategy
5. How You Lead – Process…Forecast…Culture

Every company can use an audit or spine adjustment on any or all of the above. It’s actually helpful, not painful. Enlightening, not shameful.

Evaluate who, what and how your sales team is doing what they do. After all, your strategy may be great, but execution is everything.