So Why Do They Really Buy?

Enterprise customers do not necessarily buy today because of the company and brand impact. Only 19% claim this to be the main reason for their purchase.

Another 19% claim it’s because of the product and service delivery. Just 9% say it due to the value-to-price ratio.

According to International Data Corp (IDC), a whopping 53% customers claim that they buy because of the so-called purchase experience.

Here is what is noted in a valued purchase experience:

– the vendor offers unique, valuable perspectives on the market

– the vendor helps the customer navigate alternatives

– the vendor helps customer avoid potential land minds

– the vendor educates customer on new issues and outcomes

– the vendor/supplier is easy to buy from

– the vendor/supplier has widespread support across the organization

So if it’s not necessarily about our brand, our features and functions and our pricing discounts, we’ve got to ask ourselves whether we and/or our sales team/organization is equipped and consistently delivering a valued purchase experience for the customer.

Are you bringing this to your customers?