Sales Training Truth

It’s our 10th Anniversary. MXL Partners has been providing sales consulting and sales training for companies for a decade. We’ve worked with sales reps and managers from over 150 companies in almost 200 engagements.

Over past years we’ve seen sales training change in the following ways:

  • It’s not about packaged sales training programs.
  • It’s all about custom-built and focused sales training.
  • Experienced sales reps need and appreciate relevant training.
  • Rookies need, want and seek practical and helpful training.
  • Sales Managers want a return to strong sales fundamentals.
  • Value Propositions are best as custom sales messaging built for specific target buyers.
  • A well-defined, well-taught selling process drives best behaviors.
  • Sales Management training is an effective and repeatable sales leadership/coaching system.

Do you have a clear and modern perspective on today’s approach to sales training?