Sales JumpStart

Wind it down and rev it up. Whether your year is closing with a bang or a whimper, it’s a new day in January. What are you doing about it? Sales teams and organizations are realigning with reset expectations; salespeople are reassessing their accounts and territories and careers; customers are reevaluating their needs, requirements and budgets. All converge “after the holidays.” Indeed take a Christmas break with the family over the next couple of weeks, but do put aside some thinking time to begin to orchestrate your sales jumpstart.

Keys to a successful Sales JumpStart:

  • Plans – prioritize your team/territory/accounts
  • Regimens – evaluate your regimens and disciplines
  • Operations – organize and streamline your sales operations
  • Communications – upgrade your marketing pitch for the new day
  • Execution – reassess effectiveness of your sales tactics and strategies
  • Sales Cycle – rethink your existing selling cycle and customer buying cycle
  • Skills – consider the new/adjusted skill sets required for yourself and/or sales team
  • Yes, there is a PROCESS for approaching sales success in the coming year. There is no panic amongst the pros – just careful and deliberate evaluation and implementation of proven fundamentals. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Sales Year.