Quarterly Sales Upgrade – a 90-Day Strategy

We still maintain that you can conduct an effective 90-day salesperson or sales team upgrade without a lot of money, fanfare or wholesale change-out. It’s done through 4 core areas of focus:

1. Territory Scrutiny
2. Target Shooting
3. Message Crafting
4. Activity Analysis

We get many requests from many executives and sales leaders seeking help in improving sales revenues through sales training and consulting. They say “Our team needs more sales discipline” or “Our team needs more qualified sales opportunities” or “Our team needs to improve customer questioning skills” or “Our sales pitch is inconsistent.”

Of course, these are all legitimate concerns and competency areas that can be improved, however it’s not telling the whole story. An honest assessment of one’s territory opportunity set and priorities, focused customer targeting, up-level-ing of all occassion sales messaging, and obsessing with (quick) daily and weekly feedback analysis are the keys to sales upgrading.

It’s a new year. Q1 is here – how’s your team going to perform in Q2?