Mid-Year Redirect

Getting close to mid-year (non-calendar fiscal year excepted, of course). Should be pretty clear now whether you’re hitting the number, over-achieving, or missing the mark. Go heads down, all out and finish strong. No arguments there – but open your eyes and see a looming 2nd half.

You’ve got enough At-Bats through previous quarters to make intelligent sales adjustments at this point. The new product is gaining or not gaining market acceptance; the sales message is or is not resonating; the territory re-alignment is working or not working; the new sale hires are starting to cut it or are struggling. Keep at it this month but with an observant eye toward the future.

Tough calls here require clear wisdom and discernment. The danger is to jump the gun and not see the slow ramp of a genius strategy or pull the trigger on a weak and sorry mistake. If you care, your reputation can be at stake in environments and cultures where knee-jerk reactions are frowned upon or lauded.
Great salespeople and effective sales leadership see the trends, sense the momentum or stall and see the big picture. They’re already tracking activity metrics and numbers and already have a hunch of what has to happen after this quarter ends to finish the game with a win.

Yes, plan your half-time talk and half-time adjustments. There’s not a lot of time between halves.