High-Performance Sales Organizations

You want a high performing sales organization? Focus on account penetration, customer retention, specific sales call planning, drive internal feedback, and focus training in teaching product, market, customer and competitor insights to your sales team.

Recent research by Sirius Decisions highlights major differences among salespeople. Some key points:

Skills Differences

  • Mediocre Performers (60-80% of Quota) seek quantity (“More leads!”) vs. Very High Performers (90%+ of Quota) who focus on account penetration and expanding their reach.
  • Very High Performers and High Performers (80-90% of Quota) spend more time on customer retention than Mediocre Performers.

Sales Process Differences

  • Very High Performers are more than twice as likely as lower performers to create a Pre-Call Plan before conducting a sales call.
  • High Performers have more frequent interactions with their internal sales and marketing teams than Mediocre Performers.

Knowledge Differences

  • Very High Performers and High Performers focus on learning about their products, market, competition and persona profiles.

In sales, it’s not necessarily who you know, it’s what you know, what you do, and how well you do it.