Focus on the Rep or the Customer?

Every sales meeting is a balancing act of focused attention. Or at least it should be. Salespeople should be mindful of their focused emphasis – is it on themselves and/or their company, or the customer?

Think of your last sales meeting. We’re you self-centered or focused on the customer? If one is too self-focused in a customer meeting, he/she risks spending too much time on their own concerns; namely, their product offerings rather than the concerns of prospect or customer.

In truth, the customer will let salespeople control the meeting but cast negative judgement on a rep who mishandles the opportunity. The vibe of a self-serving salesperson becomes clear to a prospect. An effective salesperson carries him or her self with strength, confidence and competence. But there’s nothing like a highly effective and productive salesperson with a heart and sensitivity to others. It stands out and customers appreciate it. Even if they can’t put their finger on it.

Are you selfish in your sales efforts?