Finishing Strong

It’s the final lap. You’ve lived through the year and now see the final hurdle, the December closing and quarter wrap-up. Just when you’re ready to ease it on in, your better self prepares for the final kick. But is there anything special one can do at this point?

Yes, there are 3 keys to finishing strong:

1. Set Your Sight on the Prize
Never lose sight of your goal and objectives (even if they were reset). Your sales goal/quota/target should be clearly etched in your brain/whiteboard/forecast.

2. Sprint to the Finish
Winners give it an extra kick at the end to outrun competitors. If you know your sales activity patterns (read Rule #15), you ratchet it up these final weeks and don’t let up the pace until year end.

3. Never Give Up
Famous words by Winston Churchill, and other winners who didn’t quit. Even in the face of tough circumstances, sales pros don’t cave, they suck it up, make no excuses and find a way to get it done.

You’ve run the good race but now’s the time to press onward to the goal set before you. Have a great and strong finish.