You Hire Your Problems

When asked to “rate your ability to consistently hire sales reps who succeed at selling” over 47% say their company “Needs Improvement”. So says the 2012 Sales Performance Optimization report by CSO Insights.

This is a 5 point increase from the 2011 report. What’s happening here?

CSO Insights speculates that this might be caused by the rush to promote new sales managers that did not have the experience to make successful hires. Their research shows that 30% of First Line Sales Managers have less than 12 months of tenure in that role.

We agree. Sales management ranks are being populated with a new wave of young managers who are charging hard to fill their sales teams. With a flood of rep prospects and a rebounding marketplace, the challenge is to make good sales hires and coach them to sales success in your adjusting sales arena.

How’s your hiring and coaching?