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42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness, by Michael Griego

Foreword by Mark Leslie, founder of Veritas Software, Leslie Ventures



  • Effective Sales Perspective (5 Rules)
  • Effective Sales Process (6 Rules)
  • Effective Salesperson (7 Rules)
  • Effective Territory Management (6 Rules)
  • Effective Sales Communications (6 Rules)
  • Effective Sales Meetings (6 Rules)
  • Effective Closing (6 Rules)

Super Star Press, 2009, 2013

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                                            Articles and Posts

By MXL’s Founder, Michael Griego

“There’s Something Different Going On…”

I had an executive ask me recently if it was normal for reps to be playing ping pong in the sales bullpen during office hours. I told him… Read More…

Sales Management - Raising the Next Generation1,

Sales Management – Raising the Next Generation,

by Michael Griego, Top Sales Magazine, September 2016, page 16.



Guaranteed Better Sales Discovery,

Guaranteed Better Sales Discovery, by Michael Griego

Top Sales Magazine, June 2015, page 14.



Storytelling - an Art and Science

Storytelling – an Art and Science, by Michael Griego

Top Sales Magazine, August 2015, page 18.


Your Father's Sales Process...With a Twist

Your Father’s Sales Process…With a Twist, by Michael Griego,

Top Sales Magazine, May 2014, page 22.

The Sales Manager’s Dilemma

Beyond the day-to-day noise and hassles of any sales organization there underlies a very simple and profound dynamic: the Sales Manager’s Dilemma. Read More…


Sales Management – Raising the Next Generation

Along with the common misunderstanding that great salespeople are naturally born rather than nurtured, there’s a common corollary misunderstanding that great salespeople naturally become great sales managers. Read More…





Uh-Oh. Demo Days are Here Again

Robust demos are back in full swing abounding in many enterprise sales opportunities. What’s wrong with that? Plenty. Read More…





Storytelling – an Art and Science

We used to call it “rapport building” – that application of a salesperson’s natural gift for gab at the beginning of sales calls with prospects or customers. Or so we thought. Read More…




Guaranteed Better Sales Discovery

A big issue I see over and over again, with even sophisticated sales teams, is the tendency to rush through the “discovery” phase of their selling process. It’s not that “discovery calls” are not being done, that’s actually the rub.

Read More…

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