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Why Choose MXL

We have the experience and know-how to optimize your sales organization. Improved sales effectiveness will increases sales bookings and compress time to revenue. Let’s discuss how this can be applied to your team.

Our Focus

We focus on Sales. But we know how to cooperate with all other related departments that intersect with your sales team. We can drill down into any functional and strategic aspect of your sales organization – from structure to process to messaging to leadership. We come along side your management team and help you produce what you don’t have time or bandwidth to do on your own.

Our Process

We have a process that has helped many companies upgrade their sales organization. Not with people changes, but with changes in people and their processes. We review and capture key practices that impact effectiveness across your team. We codify what your top performers do and say and add our own sales and management expertise in optimizing  practices, actions, and processes for scale. Without being disruptive to productivity, we then collaborate with a core team to document these practices. Finally, we then launch a dynamic and motivating training experience that represents Your Company’s Way. The entire process can be done in 90 days.

Your Company’s Way

We’ve lived, taught and managed through the evolution of all the classic sales methodologies:  Strategic SellingTM , SPIN SellingTM, Solution SellingTM, Power Base SellingTM, Value SellingTM, MEDDIC/MEDDPICC, and most recently, Challenger SellingTM. With great respect for these programs and other variations, we believe the key for today’s modern sales organization is the customization of sales best-practices for a particular market environment. And it may involve remnants of past legacy approaches. We can work with that.

We keep it simple. We zero in on customer engagement, selling process and activities, sales positioning and messaging, and sales management visibility. In fact, we believe salespeople should be taught to view their business and territory as would a VP of Sales. In that sense, you’re building a very astute and professional sales machine across your company.

Again, the keys are market customization and flexibility. With keen sensitivity to what’s working and not working in your existing organization, we will ultimately help you clarify, develop, and optimize Your Company’s Way. You can’t help but become a greater sales organization.

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